The Workplace Printer Wars: Ink versus Toner Printer

Whether or not you run a modest home business or a multi-national corporation, your printer has grow to be an crucial piece of office gear. The question, nonetheless, is which a single is greatest? The war between inkjet and laser printers has been going on given that the mid-70s, when IBM created the very first commercially obtainable laser printer (IBM printer toner Model 3800). Laser printers have been far better at quickly printing off massive runs of text-based documents whilst inkjet printers excelled at creating good good quality colour pictures.

Ink cartridge or toner cartridge printer

Nonetheless, in the last decade, this gap has been bridged. Inkjet printers are now capable of printing at speeds close to these of laser printers, such as the Epson Workforce WF 3010 DW ink printer, and laser printers have entered the great globe of colour printing, such as the HP Colour LaserJet CM 1015 MFP toner printer. Laser printers are also now no longer the enormous space-wasting behemoths of the previous and some can effortlessly fit on the typical workplace desk.

So which a single ought to you choose? Although there is no right or incorrect answer, we've devised some pros and cons to help you make a choice.


Even though some inkjet printers will price you fairly little to get, the ink cartridges could expense you much more than twice the original expense of the printer to purchase on a yearly basis. This is not to say that there are not options to expensive original ink cartridges. Laser printers, on the other hand, can be very pricey to commence with, but their toner cartridges do final a small longer and you can get a lot more pages printed per toner cartridge than with a typical ink cartridge.

The very best thing to do would be to perform out the cost per web page of each sort of printer ahead of you make a selection primarily based purely on the cost of consumables and the printer. To do this for a monochrome (black and white) printer, take the price tag of the cartridge and divide it by the given web page yield. For instance, our compatible HP 940XL black ink cartridge charges R259.95 and gives a web page yield of 2200. This equates to a expense per web page of eight.4 cents.

For colour, you'll need to have to function out the cost per web page for each colour (cyan, magenta and yellow) and add them with each other. Add that total to the cost per web page for the black cartridge to get the final expense per page for a colour page.


Laser printers have always been identified for their printing speed, with some high finish printers printing up to one hundred pages per minute (ppm) and the average hovering around 20-30 ppm. Inkjet printers, meanwhile, were constantly slower when it came to printing big volumes of documents. The variations among the printing speeds has been largely reduced. Most modern day multi-function inkjet printers can print an average of 13-15 ppm.

Print good quality

When it came to good quality, it all depended on what you wanted to do. Did you want clear, crisp text? Then the laser printer was the best for you. Expert good quality, high resolution photos? Use an inkjet. These days, however, the distinction is a bit tougher to see. While laser printers stay the best decision for text printing, inkjet technologies has come a long way towards printing better words. And even though laser printers still have some difficulty mixing colours effectively beyond the ordinary pie-chart, the greater finish laser printers do a relatively decent job of it.

The ideal rule of thumb, even though, is if you want to print graphics-heavy documents with a touch of skilled polish, then get an inkjet. If your main aim is to print many text-primarily based documents, then use a laser printer.


Inkjets are renowned for becoming in a position to print on numerous paper varieties and mediums, from glossy photo paper to iron-on transfers even though laser printers cannot print on something heat sensitive. What you acquire once more depends completely on what it is you want the printer to do.

More than and above what you can print on, is whether your printer can be accessed remotely. Most inkjet and laser printer models are obtainable with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or network connectivity, which will enable far more than one particular user to access the printer. Laser printers, due to their larger printing speeds, are typically accepted as the better choice as a multi-user printer.

Then there is always the query of whether or not you want your printer to be more than just a printer. With the wide variety of multi-function printers (MFP) obtainable, the days when you needed a separate printer, scanner, copier and fax machine are long gone.

Eventually, it all depends on what you want your printer to do and how considerably you happen to be willing to invest on both the printer and the printer cartridges. Once you've worked that out, the rest ought to be reasonably basic. Our tips is to shop about for which printer suits your price range and uncover out if you can get high high quality compatible printer cartridges for your printer.

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